Kobe Creations was engage to overhaul of the current website/digital assets with a redesigned and developement of a customised WordPress website.  The Sugar CRM integrated website is customised for relevant customers, with clear samples orderimg systems, navigation and having a unique highly visual full width website.
Key Features
  • Customised website experience for customer segments (Consumer, Builder, Specifier, Manufacture, Reseller/Merchant)
  • Smart sample or system with intelligent workflow engine that assigned lead and task in CRM and email sales reps with action triggers
  • Contact a Rep and Where to Buy that is integrate with CRM/ERP for customer account and sales so only relevant customer who are flagged to be online and have a purchase history will display)
  • Embedded Unique Customer ordering and tracking or digital interation visible dyanmic
Project Scope
• Upgrade Gunnersen website with improved features and design
• Replace Sample Warehouse Order and Inventory Management system
• Integrate into CRM (tasks, leads, samples, staff, customers)
• Reporting within CRM on customer marketing interactions (email)
Project Scope
• Build new website (design and development)
• Create sample order automation (PDF letter, Rep input and reporting)
• CRM Integration
• Improve delivery of information and marketing communication to customers (both direct and indirect)
• Speed up delivery of sample requests
• Reduce staff handling time for requests (e.g. sampling, where to buy.)
• Improve the professionalism of customer interaction
• Sales Reps have visibility into customer needs and digital interaction

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