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We provide fast and reliable hosting which you can trust on for your eCommerce website.

Reliability – With Cloud services comes the most resilient hosting amenities to date. With this new era of Cloud based hosting comes the ability for sites to fix themselves in the event of any kind of service failure. In most instances you will never know there was an issue, as your website will be able to identify and correct the issue before it affects your website. Thanks to this “auto healing” technology, expect 99.9% uptime!

Lightning Fast

Page loading impacts the usability and success of your website. A fast loading website will increase your digital presence, professionalism and enhance sales as users find your site easy to navigate. High traffic websites can run smoothly and efficiently no matter the scale.


We ensure to maintain the integrity of your website and online business. The hosting we provide is designed to keep your website malware and spam free. If you do experience a breach of security, we are immediately notified and are working to resolve the issue before you have time to think about it. We manage this so you don’t have to.


We do daily back-ups to ensure your content is kept up to date and safe. This also means that if you make a change to your website or add a plug-in that you aren’t happy with, you can restore to the previous version of your site at the click of a button. Speaking of updates, we manage these for you as well!

Includes SSL and CDN – A content delivery network (CDN) is the process of various servers (at different locations) working together to provide fast internet connections. A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets including HTML pages, JavaScript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.

A cloud-based hosting system is built on a CDN and will secure your site with the proper SSL/TLS encryption.

SSD Storage

Ultra fast Intel CPU

World wide location

Unlimited OS Possibilities

Daily backup

99.9% Uptime

Tech Support

Email Hosting

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