Responsive Web Design

Optimise your website for any device and display with a design that adapts to your users.

Kobe Creations helps ensure that your responsive web solution makes the experience on various devices as immersive as possible.

Did you know there are more smart phones than there are toothbrushes?


Why Responsiveness?

  • Increases your reach to tablet and mobile audiences
  • Impoves your visibility in search engines
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Provides better user experience(UX)
  • Saves time and cost on mobile development
  • Saves time and cost on site management
  • Can be easily adapted by future devices

What is Responsive Web Design

A responsive design simply means a website that has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the site remains the same on any device. For example, when a user accesses a site on their desktop, they are getting the full view of the site. But when that same user goes to visit the site from their smartphone or tablet, the site will retract to fit on the smaller screen.
In other words, with a responsive website design, you don’t have to have worry about having different websites for various devices or making sure that your site runs properly on a mobile device.

Why you should consider repsonive web design?

According to Shopify, more people used mobile phones and tablets to visit their online stores than using computers with 50.3% of traffic coming from mobile (40.3% from mobile phones, 10% from tablets) and just 49.7% from computers.

The rise in mobile shopping brings about another fascinating trend. Computer-based traffic to ecommerce sites traditionally peaked between Monday and Friday and trailed off during the weekend. Mobile traffic has somewhat opposite behaviour. So when you combine mobile, tablet and computer traffic to ecommerce sites, you no longer find any discernable spikes when people are shopping online. In other words, shopping is no longer something people go and do anymore. it’s something they are always doing.


There are lots more reasons why


Source: Liquid Digital

Presentable websites for any device with great responsive design

Enhance the website experience for your users on any device by applying an intelligent responsive logic to your website.
Implementing an adaptable responsive solution helps remove limits to your business.
Kobe Creations helps improve the experience for your audience with touch devices, low-connectivity and small screen sizes to ensure nothing is missed.

Responsive Design solutions from Kobe Creations

Enhancing the User Experience

A well crafted responsive web design optimises the browsing experience on your website for the user’s device.

Simple and Elegant Solution

Using modern techniques, responsive web design is the solution to adapt your content to any device width.

Improve site performance

Responsive design extends beyond screen size by intelligently improving performance, preventing the user to load content they do not want or need.


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