Odoo and OpenERP

Automate your processes with an integrated ERP solution.

Simplify your business processes and make management of your resources easy with a flexible ERP integration solution.


Powerful Enterprise Resource Planning Integration

Kobe Creations provides customisation and implementation services as an integrated system solution with Odoo that gives your business the competitive edge it desires.
Committed to Open Source with thousands of community-contributed modules, Odoo is used by businesses large and small because it is flexible, extensible and well designed.

How Odoo and OpenERP helps your business

Experienced in applied integration solutions for many Australian businesses, Kobe Creations works with you to identify the best way to streamline your business and solve everyday problems.
Odoo brings a simple yet scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that can conform to the needs of your business and improve the efficiency of time consuming manual processing.

Formerly OpenERP, the Odoo platform has evolved beyond the traditional view of ERP systems by breaking the barriers of entry for small businesses desiring enterprise-level solutions.
Our Odoo integration services strive to help your business reduce human error, increase productivity and allow you to achieve newer heights.

Apps to Build Stunning Websites

Website Builder

Get an awesome enterprise website.
Fully customisable and SEO friendly.


Boost your online sales with sleek
product pages.


Attract more leads with a winning
content marketing strategy.

Apps to Boost Your Sales


Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenues.

Quote Builder

Create polished, professional proposals in minutes and let customers sign online.

Point of Sale

Touchscreen point of sale based
on iPad or Android tablets.

Apps to Run Your Business

Project Management

Enable your project right way
Step by step get work done.


Manage contracts, create recurring invoices,
bill timesheets, get paid faster.


Integrate book keeping with all your
operations to keep accurate informations.

Warehouse Management

A revolutionary double-entry inventory
management system.


Manage, plan, track and schedule all
your manufacturing operations.


Get the best from your supply chain.
Improve your inventory performance.

Apps to Boost Your Marketing


Design efficient emails campaigns
Send, convert and track your success.

Live Chat

Engage directly with your website visitors
to attract leads and boost online sales.


Raise high quality insights through surveys,
a great way to engage with prospects.

Lead Automation

Design campaigns, refine segmentation,
automate actions and track performance.


Create sleek and attractive event pages
Sell online and organise on site.

Community Builder

Build and engage with communities
with forums, Q&A, mailing lists.

Apps to Delight Your Employees


Oversee your employees directory
Retain significant informations about your team.

Enterprise Social Network

Start the dialogue and share knowledge
Informations collection made easy


Streamline Your Recruitment Process
Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles


Have an overview of your employees expenses
Access an accurate tracking tool


Employees development follow-up
Set-up appraisals and watch your employees evolution


Fleet management at its top
Take care of all actions regarding your fleet

Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Business Intelligence

Design your dashboards, setup KPIS,
slice and dice on your cubes.


Connect Odoo to external applications
through JSON-RPC or XML-RPC.

Instant Messaging

Chat in real time with your colleagues,
share screens and talk online.


Boost engagement, promote smart objectives,
reward and challenge your teams.


Organize groups of discussions and
communicate efficiently on all resources.


Personal to-do lists that works.
Share and collaborate on meeting minutes.

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