Integrated Websites

Exo Integrated Online Ordering. Online success!

Online ordering for B2B and B2C integrated with accounting systems for complete control

  • Automate your workflows

    No data entry, copy/paste of information, spreadsheet data manipulation. Applications are connected and data synchronised.

  • Order Fulfilment made simple

    Working with Australia Post’s eParcel system and need to connect, print labels and automate the process. We help make it simple.

  • Flexible to your business rules

    Show inventory availability your way while pricing product and applying flexible discount rules with full support for international orders.

Integrate your:

  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Products & Prices
  • Customers & Details
  • Account Invoices / Statements
  • Categories
  • Shipping / Freight
  • Contract pricing & Discounts
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

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Design and Development of an
Exo integrated ecommerce website

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MYOB Exobiz integrated with Magento
and Legrand CRM Exo customer pricing,
sales rep dashboard, filterable attributes and
full ERP integration with MYOB Exo.

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- Restricting direct sales to customers online by postcode
- Stockists list on the website is controlled from Exobiz
- Variable pricing by postcode

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Exo Integration of website Joomla/Virtumart