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Follow the Australian content structure guide and stick to the following principles:

  • Content structure: Structure content to make it easy for the user to find what they need.

  • Writing style: Writing for digital is different to writing for print. Content must be user-focused, scannable and accessible across all devices.

  • Accessibility and inclusivity: Design content so everyone can use it.

  • Punctuation and grammar: Use minimal punctuation.

  • Terms and phrases: Use consistent terms and phrases to help users find what they need.

  • Numbers and measurements: Numbers are easier to read on a screen than words, so use them where possible.

  • Formatting: Use formatting carefully to make content easier to scan.

  • Types of content: Present content in the most useful and accessible format for the user.

  • Writing for search engines: Learn how to write content for government websites with users and search engines in mind. Use search engine optimisation (SEO) writing techniques to help users find the information they need.

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