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Check out our new website and what we've been up to

We built a new site!

For a while now we have wanted to upgrade our website to a more modern looking one with improve with much faster speed. We finally decided to pull the trigger and started the development of our new site at the start of this year and have finally finished!
Our new website is made with Vue and Gridsome which will allow our site to stand the test of time with the fastest speeds possible.
Not only have we upgraded our websites framework but we've also had a complete overhaul of our design. In the new design we have brightened up and incorporated the Kobe colours throughout the entire site as well as modernising the look of our pages and layout.

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What else we've been up to

Apart from our time spent on developing the new Kobe Creations website we have also had a number of large scale projects that might catch your interest.
The larger scale projects we have worked on recently range from web apps that handle large amounts of constantly updated data to eCommerce websites with the integration of prices, accounts, inventory, just to name a few.
We have published case studies for a few of the projects we have recently worked on and if you're interested in having a look you can browse them here.

Kobe Awards is a 2022 BigCommerce Partner Award Finalist
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