Digital Strategy

Grow your business online by applying a sophisticated digital strategy created just for you.

Realise the full potential of your website with a dedicated digital strategy service from Kobe Creations that helps increase relevant visitors and maximise conversions.

Evaluate, Develop and Plan for Success

Create a clear path for business growth and reduce the complexity of managing campaigns by devising a digital business strategy that takes your business to greater heights.
Motivated to identify a path for success for your business, Kobe Creations consults with you as we devise a business strategy, audit your website and help you connect with your audience to ensure all the ingredients for success are put into place.
Effectively communicating to your market and extending your reach helps position yourself as an authority in your industry, allowing your business to achieve the level of success it deserves.

Our Approach

Proactive in our approach, we begin the process by defining the strategy that will best help your business.

1. Business Strategy: Discovering essential elements of your business to refine and promote helps lay for the groundwork for the rest of the strategy. Implementation of a business strategy begins by defining your business purpose, identifying market segment, establishing the purpose of your website and applying measurable metrics
2. Website Optimisation: Auditing your website helps uncover all of the little inefficiencies that may be hurting your business. Through careful inspection and years of experience we can help identify key areas for improvement such as call-to-actions, usability issues, use of incentives and customer outreach.
3. Content Strategy: Focusing on content strategy allows your business to craft quality content that drives organic discovery and establishes yourself as an authority in the field. Regularly updated content helps increase loyalty of your audience and combined with social media integration keeps your brand ever present in the mind.
4. Communication Plan: Constructing a solid communication plan helps steadily increase your brands web presence beyond the reach of your own website. Applying a collection of tactics consistently that contribute to the overall digital strategy can help raise the profile of your brand and nurture your audience.

Offering digital strategy and marketing services for business big and small, Kobe Creations can help spread your message to new frontiers and create a repeatable plan of action to steadily grow your business.
Kobe Creations consult on a key range of digital marketing and strategy services to suit your needs such as:

  • EDM Campaigns: Send targeted email newsletter mailouts for recurring, seasonal or even targeted Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaigns.
  • Press Release: Submit and distribute your press release to keep the public informed on the latest news and announcements.
  • Link Building and Directory Submission: Creating ethical backlinks to your website and submission to most major business directories.
  • Article Submission: Distribution of written articles into article submission directories for cross-market promotion online.
  • Community Marketing: Identify your key community platforms and create a strategy to interact with your target audience and grow as an authority.
  • Social Media: Broadcast yourself across various outlets and have your audience stay up to date with the latest from your brand.
  • Conversion Optimisation: Measure user behaviour on your website and make iterative metric based improvements.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Applying Pay-per-Click (PPC), Remarketing and other techniques designed to bring great traffic and a great return of investment.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Optimising webpages and website structure for search visibility helps organically grow traffic on your website.
  • Banner Advertisements: Distributing your website across multiple channels can help your business scale.

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