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Kobe Creations developed a MYOB Exobiz integrated website for Elite Medical with Magento and Legrand CRM. The system needed to be integrated on several levels including accounts, orders, inventory and products. Key features include responsive design, Exo customer pricing, sales rep dashboard, filterable attributes and full ERP integration with MYOB Exo.

The Challenge

To design and develop an engaging MYOB Exo Business (Exo) integrated website for Elite Med- ical to supply medical and safety equipment seamlessly to the wholesale market. The challenge was to automate the processes involved in managing products, ordering and customer accounts in Exo. The website needed to be efficiently managed via Exo to ensure the products published on to the online eCommerce website would be feature rich in information.

The Solution

The solution involved utilising the opensource software platform – Magento and customising it according to Elite Medical’s requirements. The development integrated the Elite Medical eCom- merce website with MYOB Exo Business to enable accurate product management and inventory control, as well as timely ordering processes and account management.

Key features of the solution included:

  • MYOB Exo Business integrated product management and inventory control.
  • Integrated system with customer assigned, tier-based pricing and volume discounts applied.
  • Integration with Exo to display payment options based on credit terms.
  • Quote to and email (PDF) functionality to capture product details and pricing for purchasing.
  • Responsive design for brand and user consistency across all mobile mediums.
  • Sales Rep specific information available on the customer dashboard with notification functionality for effective communication (such as contact details, quote requests).
  • Sales Rep ability to assume the identity of the customer and perform actions such as ordering on their behalf and creating customer order templates.
  • Automatically adding accounts to the Legrand CRM and Email Marketing system.
  • Filterable attributes with fields from Exo, integrated with Magento, for easy search and filtering of products online.

The Result

The result is a MYOB Exo integrated Magento website, with seamless integration with Legrand CRM and Email Marketing Suite. The benefits are streamlined processes and the resulting out- comes are:

  • Reduced administrative time and costs through improved internal ordering and fulfillment.
  • Powerful product search and filtering.
  • Real time knowledge and insight into the business’ position.
  • Proactive management and control to forge ahead in the market.
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